User Profile

User Profile


User Profiles are used to assign permissions to different type of users

Create/Modify User Profile

Select User Profile under the submenu of User

  • To create a new User Profile click the ‘+’ sign to the right of the Search field and the system will present an empty template to fill in.
  • To modify an existing User Profile, search for the specific User Profile by entering the information in the top search window and click Search.

Name Enter the name of the User Profile.

Description Enter the description of the User Profile

Authority Set Identifier Select the Authority set that you wish to associate this user profile with.

Password Rule Select the Password Rules that should be applied to this user profile.

Offer Timeout in Seconds The length of time, in seconds, the workitem offer will give the user to answer. If the user does not answer within this amount of time, their status will change to 'No Answer Status' and the workitem will be passed to the next available user.

When creating a new User Profile, you will need to click the Save button on the bottom right hand side of the screen, you will then have the ability to add numbers to the User Profile.

If modifying an existing User Profile, the system saves automatically.

Adding/Removing Channels

To add a Channel, click on the + sign to the right of the Channels and select all the channels that will be assigned to the user profile and click OK.

To remove Channels, click on the garbage can icon on the bottom right of the Channels box.

Each channel has the following options:

  • Enable/Disable Green means this channel is enables and Red means this channel is disabled
  • Priority If workitems of all channels enter the system at the same time, they will be distributed in the order from highest priority to lowest.
  • Simultaneous Limit The amount of workitems the users can be offered at the same time from this channel.
  • Support Muti-taksing If this option is enabled (toggle switch set to Green), this will allow the user to receive workitems from other channels while they are working on this one.

In the following example: The user profile has both Email and Chat channels enabled and the Multi-Tasking is enabled for Chat.

If user has a Chat workitem on their screen and an email comes in, the user will be passed the email workitem even though they are still on the Chat.

Adding/Removing Dashboards

To add a Dashboard, click on the + sign to the right of the Dashboard and select all the channels that will be assigned to the user profile and click OK.

To remove Dashboards, click on the garbage can icon on the bottom right of the Dashboard box.

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Static and dynamic content editing

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